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Argos Nautic Florida Yacht Tenders

Argos Nautic is a luxury tender boat manufacturer based in Miami, Florida. We design, craft, and ship unique yacht tenders to customers around the world. 

We are proud to serve yacht owners throughout Florida, offering the best luxury tenders on the market including our GT Series, JET Series, and Diesel Series.

Argos Nautic Miami

Argos Manufacturing INC.

1572 NW 165th St

Miami Gardens, FL 33169 USA

+1 (786) 520-4700

Argos Manufacturing INC houses a talented team of engineers, naval architects, and renowned designers to develop a superior line of luxury boat tenders for the global yacht market. With advanced CNC technology, we are able to craft and test our tenders entirely in-house. Our tenders use an innovative design that allows our boats to cut through wakes and chops while virtually eliminating spray. The result is a smoother, more stable, and drier ride than any RIB on the market. Our custom design experience is unlike any other process. We give yacht owners the opportunity to completely design their own tender to perfectly complement the mothership.

Miami, Florida

One of the world's premier yachting destinations, Miami offers a vibrant and dynamic yachting scene that attracts yachters from around the globe. With its warm weather, crystal-clear waters, and stunning coastline, Miami provides the perfect backdrop for yachting enthusiasts to enjoy the ultimate onboard and off-board experience.

Located right in Miami, Argos Nautic serves our local yacht owners to suit your Miami yacht and ongoing open ocean adventures. Our luxury center console boat tenders come in a variety of models and sizes to suit the size of your yacht and your performance needs.

Fort Lauderdale.jpg

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The Yachting Capital of the World, Fort Lauderdale is a prime destination for yacht enthusiasts. With over 300 miles of waterways, Fort Lauderdale offers endless opportunities for exploration and adventure, from the scenic Intracoastal Waterway to the sparkling Atlantic Ocean. The city is home to one of the world's largest boat shows, attracting thousands of yachting enthusiasts each year. 

For the highest quality yacht tenders on the market, Fort Lauderdale yachters can turn to Argos Nautic for the best boat tender models. For an easy-to-maintain, luxury tender, our GT Series is the industry leader. We also offer our JET Series for high-performing jet engine models and our fuel-efficient Diesel Series for larger vessels.

Palm Beach, Florida

As one of the most exclusive and affluent yachting destinations in the world, Palm Beach, Florida, is home to some of the most opulent and impressive yachts on the seas. With its pristine white sand beaches, clear turquoise waters, and balmy year-round climate, Palm Beach is the perfect location to embark on a yachting adventure. 

For yacht owners in Palm Beach, having a top-quality yacht tender is essential for seamless and comfortable transportation between their yacht and the shore. Fortunately, Argos Nautic designs the most ideal boat tenders to serve any and every yacht in Palm Beach and beyond.

Palm Beach

Tampa Bay, Florida

A hidden gem in the world of yachting, Tampa Bay offers picturesque waterways and diverse marine life. The bay is the largest estuary in Florida, with over 400 square miles of water and over 100 islands to explore. It is also home to several marinas that offer a range of amenities, from fueling and maintenance services to fine dining and shopping. 

Utilizing a high-performing luxury tender boat is key for every yacht in Tampa Bay. Argos Nautic offers unique models with versatile boating opportunities from bay boats to family fun and fishing trips to cruising and transporting to shore. Our team can customize an exceptional tender boat that ensures your on-board and off-board experiences are nothing short of extraordinary.

Stuart, Florida

Located on the Treasure Coast of Florida, Stuart boasts miles of picturesque waterways, making it a popular destination for yacht enthusiasts. The St. Lucie River and its surrounding estuaries offer an abundance of marine life, making it a prime location for fishing and diving.

For the most luxurious dinghy experience, trust Argos Nautic to help build a customized tender boat that suits all your performance needs. From easy-to-maintain outboard engines to high-speed, shallow water jet propulsion systems to fuel-efficient diesel-powered engines, our tenders can serve a variety of boat owners with custom style and ergonomics.

Stuart FL


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No matter where your yacht and yachting adventures take you, Argos Nautic offers factory-direct tenders to worldwide customers. As a pioneer in the marine industry, our tenders offer the most unique designs and performance on the market. For custom luxury tenders in the state of Florida and beyond, explore our innovative models, utilize our boat builder feature, and contact us for more information.

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